4×4 Bournemouth

Here at Premier Sports Solutions we have been selling four by fours for many years and our clients have loved them, we have a big range of BMW’s, Bently’s and Range Rovers. You can see these in our showroom. The mileage these cars have done is low and will last a very long time. These 4×4’s can do many different activities and are very handy when coming to move big loads when you are going on holiday or moving house or even doing the weekly shop. The big boot space will benefit you for many different things.

If you want to see before you purchase then get in contact with us below and we can book you a time to come and see our collection with someone to talk you through the specifics. You will get the Premier experience. Customer satisfaction is what is most important to us and you can see this is our testimonials.  We are open Monday – Friday 9-5PM

If you do decide to purchase there are a few different methods you can choose from, one of the ways is through our finance option and this gives you a very good competitive deal. There is also a vehicle leasing plan you can have a look at too.