Dorset Car Finance Solutions

At Premier Sports Soltuions we have luxury and performance cars. These cars are kept in great condition and maintained while in our hands, with very low milage on them as well. Our finance solutions are brilliant. We have 4 different options for you to choose from so you have a wide choice of what agreement you would want to have. You can choose whether you want to own the car outright after the agreement or if you will return the car.

We have been dealing for over 14 years and our unrivalled service has given us many good opportunities to be able to offer our clients very good deals. We have been able to deal with the likes of celebrities and footballs, some of which have kindly left a testimonial. You can see these by clicking here.

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We also have watches in stock ready for you to have a look at and purchase if you are interested in that. To see our watches click here.