Finance Cars Bournemouth

At premier sports solutions we offer a finance service so you can drive around a car you have wanted but could never afford to buy out brand new, we have a range of cars like Audis, VW and more everyday cars that you can have. The process is as easy as you like. The first step is to choose your vehicle the one you’ve always wanted.  Step 2 you will need to establish a credit line, this will be the amount you have to pay upfront, the monthly amount and the term of the contract. Step 3 We will get your signature confirming your acceptance of the rental quoted. Step 4 includes placing your order with a dealership, we will do this on your behalf to make the process easier for you and less time-consuming. Step 5 you will need to sign your documents to agree on the direct debit amount and sign the agreement to the terms of the agreement. Step 6 is the delivery, You will then get the car you have been waiting for through this whole process.

We have some great finance options available for you to look at and choose from.

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