Leasing Cars Bournemouth

Premier Sports Solutions are a luxury and performance cars dealer.  We can help you find a car that suits your taste for style and performance. Our leasing plans are flexible and you can choose between more than one length of contact you want with it. You can choose if you want to keep the car at the end of the lease or not, but keep in mind if you want to keep the car there will be extra costs at the end of the lease.

We have some great everyday cars for you to choose from they aren’t just sporting cars and supercars for leasing. When leasing you can get some great benefits, like driving a brand new car. There is a step by step process to make this happen Step 1 is finding the car you want and making sure that it is in stock. Step 2 find the best credit line for you to make sure you can pay the monthly instalments. Step 3 is placing the order with us getting your signature to confirm you accept the rental quoted. Then we place the order with a dealer, you the required documents and then we deliver the car to you cost-free.

If you are interested in our service go to our leasing website for more information.

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