Luxury Car Finance Dorset

If you want to get yourself a luxury car but don’t quite have the funds to buy one outright, then finance might be something you want to look at. We have a great finance solution service that is tailored to you. We have the best competitive deal compared to the high street. We have 4 deals that you can choose from based on what you want to use the car for and how long you are planning on keeping the car for.

Our first deal is Hire Purchase, If you want to pay for the car with instalments, but own it outright at the end of the contact then this is a good deal for you. Lease-Purchase is our second deal, it works the same way as hire purchase but with a residential value balloon.

The Third deal is our Personal Contract Purchase, much like lease purchase, but now the balloon is a guaranteed future value set by the finance company. The final deal is Personal leasing, an agreement with a finance company where you effectively rent the car for an agreed term and then hand it back.

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