Luxury & Performance Car Dealership

Are you looking for a luxury and performance car? We are able to supply you with a car that is both. In modern-day performance cars, they have a lot of luxury features inside of them; This is because car brands have realised that although the raw rugged feel of a sports car is nice; it isn’t as good as having all the latest technologies that help you to control and have fun with the car. People want to be able to use their sports cars to go around town with and having good technology in the car makes the experience much better; brands have realised this and is why a lot of people who purchase sports cars like to use them as their daily driver.

At Premier Sports Solutions we get a lot of prestigious cars makes into our showroom and these are Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Aston Martin’s Bentley’s and many more. When you purchase one of these vehicles from us you are able to use our fantastic finance solutions to spread the cost of the car. We are able to supply you with both your car and finance as one great value package. Being independent gives us the opportunity to help find you the most competitive deal from some of the UK’s leading funding institutions. We offer Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and Personal Leasing.

More About Luxury & Performance Car Dealership

If you are looking at our showroom and the car you are after isn’t there, then you can get our team to source a car for you. This is fairly easy for you as you only have to tell us what it is you want and any particular details you would like to include, this could be a colour or certain specification inside of the car like an upgraded sound system like Harman Kardon in BMW’s. We will bring the car in for you to purchase and you can roll away in style.

If you are interested in the service we are able to provide you with please make sure you get in contact with our team. If you want to know what some of our other clients have thought about our service go and take a look at our testimonials page.