Performance and Luxury Car Finance

When you come with Premier Sports Solutions to purchase your vehicle we can offer you some of the best deals compared to the high street, our service is unrivalled and we have built up a great reputation with our clients and that is why they keep coming back some of them include celebrities and footballers. We have 4 different options you can pick when you get finance with us.

The first option is Hire Purchase, If you want to pay for the car with instalments, but own it outright at the end, then Hire Purchase is the way forward. The second option is Lease Purchase, Lease-Purchase works in the same way as Hire Purchase but with a residential value balloon at the end. The third option Personal Contract Purchase, much like lease purchase, but the balloon is a guaranteed future value set by the finance company. The final option is Personal leasing, the is an agreement with a finance company where you effectively rent the car for an agreed term and then hand it back.

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