Premier’s Leasing Plans

Premier Sports Solutions have always given our best service to our clients and you should expect nothing less than the best from us. We have some luxurious cars in our showroom go have a look for yourself. Click Here.

Here at Premier Sports, we have many different options for you to buy a car that you dream of. You can choose a plan to have ownership of the car after the lease or to not have ownership of the car. See our leasing plans on our leasing website. Click Here. The two big differences you will see in these contacts is whether you take ownership of the car after the lease or not, and the price depending on if you will obtain the car after the agreed lease. The price of the lease will be far less if you don’t wish to have the car after the lease. The process of getting the car you want to lease is simply finding a car you like, search for it on our MR LEASE site if we have it stock you can then see what plans we have available on the car then get into contact with us.

Our leases are flexible in price and with the variety of deals and contracts we can put you on to get the best deal for you.

Get into contact with us to start your lease.