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When you come to us we can help you find a car that will take your breath away. Our finance services are very good and becuase of our unrivalled service we are able to give you the best deals compared to the highstreet. Our showroom consists of cars that have immense speed and very luxurious interior and exterior. When these cars are in our care we make sure that they are kept looking and feeling new while driving them. Most of the cars we get in the showroom have very low milage so there isn’t any wear on them at all.

When you purchase finance with us there are four options you can choose from, the first is Hire Purchase where you pay for the car with monthly installments and own it at the end of the contract, then you have Lease Purchase which works in the same way as Hire Purchase but with a residential value balloon at the end. Then there is Personal Contract Purchase which is a lot like lease purchase but the balloon payment is garanteed future value set by the finance company. And the final option is Personal Leasing, this is an agreement with a finance company where you effectivly rent the car for an agreed term and then hand it back.

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