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At Premier Sports Solutions we have been operating for over 15 years and we have built up an impeccable reputation. Our unrivalled service has allowed us to offer the best in luxury cars. You can purchase any one of our cars that is in our showroom. And the best thing about that is you can take out one of our finance deals to pay for the car in instalments. We have 4 different options for you to choose from. These being Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase and Personal Leasing. If you aren’t too sure which option would be best for you we can help you decide this by seeing what your needs for the vehicle are. We can offer you the best finance deal as we have a great relationship with the UK’s leading funding institutions. Our selected partners’ extensive knowledge of high value vehicles enables us to provide you with realistic residual values and creates affordable, competitive finance packages. We can make financing your car simple and quick.

Our collection of cars has included Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Aston Martin’s, Range Rovers, Mercedes and many more! Have a look at our long list of clients that have left a review about our services and cars on our testimonials page!

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