Sports Car Finance

With Premier Sports Solutions you can get a finance deal with us on any of our cars we will assess what you need the car for and together come up with a solution that works for you. We are completely independent, enabling us to give you the best competitive deal compared to the high street. Using our excellent relationships with some of the UK’s leading funding institutions we can establish the most cost-effective and suitable method of funding your purchase. Our selected partners extensive knowledge of high value vehicles enables us to provide you with realistic residual values and creates affordable, competitive finance packages. We can make financing your car simple and quick.

We have four finance solutions we can offer you they are:

Hire Purchase, this is for if you want to pay for the car with instalments, but own it ourright at the end.

Lease-Purchase, this is much like hire purchase but with a residential value balloon at the end.

Personal Contract Purchase, much Lease Purchase, but now the balloon is a guarenteed future value set by the finance company.

Personal Leasing, an agreement with a finance company where you effectively rent the car for an agreed term then hand it back.

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